Snap Homework
Parent / Student registration instruction for new User:
New User:
1. Go to Google Play Store / App Store and Search "Snap Homework"
2. Install and open app.
3. Tap on New User.
4. Tap on "Parent".
5. Enter Your Name, Email or Mobile Number & Password.
6. Tap on Create Account.
7. Enter Child Name and Class Code:

Play A Class Code : SUXV
Pre Nursery A Code : UCXW
Pre Nursery B Code: 4Q32
Pre Nursery C Code: JDXC
Pre Nursery D Code: 6CFT
. Parents will receive classroom updates, homework, worksheets and messages from the teacher through this application.
. This app will allow teacher to easily communicate with parents .
.Parents need to Sign-in only once.
.Both Parents are requested to DOWNLOAD this FREE app on their phones.
This application will enhance teacher-parent communication while supporting an e-learning initiative to reduce use of paper.

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Our Vision
St. Stephen’s School is an English Medium, Co-educational Institution, with the aim of developing an all-round ability of the students with a balanced training that will lead to a proper appreciation of academic, athletic, ethical and moral excellence which goes into the making of a complete person. The challenge is to create an architectural environment that will not only support, but inspire an educational process to act as a link between home and the world since education at school is a continuation and extension of parental education at home. Each Stephenian should always aim higher, that is why the School Motto is “Semper Sursum" meaning Always Aim Higher.
St. Stephen - Protomartyr
stephenSt. Stephen, known as the Protomartyr (died 36 AD), is the first Christian martyr, according to the New Testament (see The Acts 6, 7). He was noted for the strength of his Christian faith and was the first of the original seven deacons of the early Church. Falling foul of the Hellenistic (Greek-Speaking) Jews of Jerusalem because of his eloquent proselytizing, he was brought before the Sanhedrin on a charge of blasphemy. Not allowed to conduct his own defence of his faith in the new religion, he was condemned to death by stoning. Saul of Tarsus, later St. Paul, not only approved the execution, but held the garments of the principal witnesses against Stephen. From the fragment 40 Stephen's speech presented in The Acts, it appears that he was Paul's predecessor in proclaiming the universality of the new religion and its successorship to Judaism. His feast day is December 26.
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